b. 1986, HK.

Photo: Wini Lao Photos

Photo: Wini Lao Photos

Hi, I'm Emily!

I am a photographer and graphic designer from Plano, Texas, currently living in New York City. I graduated cum laude with a BA in Sociology from New York University in May of 2017, and wrote my honors thesis in the sociology department on the creation and presentation of identity through food photography.

Despite having been accepted to top law school programs in the United States, I decided not to go to law school, and instead pursue an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Parsons to expand on my existing self-taught skills and possibly work in advertising design in the future.

I have always loved photography. As a kid, I was always taking my parents' camera, so they bought me a cheap plastic toy for my birthday in second grade. It didn't last long—not because I didn't take care of it, but because it was more of a toy than a camera. Over the years, I've played with different cameras and am now shooting with professional Nikon gear.

I love getting to be a part of some of the best days of my clients’ lives and am so honored to be trusted with such important memories and moments!