Fall Couples Shoot in Central Park

When Celia, my friend and former co-worker, asked me to do their fall and holiday card photos this year, of course I had to say yes!! We decided to meet at the Bethesda Fountain early in the morning, and to my surprise, dogs are allowed to roam free and unleashed in the park before 9am, so there were dogs everywhere (you'll see them pop up in some photos).

DSC_6783 copy.jpg
DSC_6822 copy.jpg
DSC_6842 copy.jpg

October was unnaturally warm this year, so I was worried that we wouldn't see colorful leaves--especially since the park was pretty green when I shot with Milly two weeks prior, but we were all very pleasantly surprised! Granted, the park wasn't as colorful as it could potentially be, but at least leaves were starting to change color, and not everything was green.

DSC_6857 copy.jpg
DSC_6849 copy.jpg
DSC_6854 copy.jpg

Just look at the lighting in this picture!!

DSC_6890 copy.jpg

Then we went back and did a couple with the boathouse in the background.

DSC_6903 copy.jpg
DSC_6912 copy.jpg

The bridges/tunnels make for great photos in the park...and sometimes you even catch dogs in the back!! (Next to Jeff's head)

DSC_6962 copy.jpg
DSC_6958 copy.jpg

The next batch are my favorites, though. We found a spot withe lots of yellowing leaves, and they matched with Celia's scarf so well. I love using items in front of the subject to create a layered look, and these pictures came out perfectly!!

DSC_7019 copy.jpg

Check out Jeff's super animated eyebrows...this cracks me up

DSC_7029 copy.jpg
DSC_7028 copy.jpg
DSC_7050 copy.jpg
DSC_7063 copy.jpg
DSC_7067 copy.jpg
DSC_7079 copy.jpg