Central Park Shoot with Milly

Milly, one of the models for Nicole Wilson at DapperQ's R/Evolution, reached out to me after the show to see if I would be available for a fall photoshoot, which I was more than happy to do with her. Due to unseasonably warm weather, most of the leaves on the trees in the Conservatory Garden in Central Park were still very green, and there were still lots of flowers in bloom.

DSC_6336 copy.jpg
DSC_6342 copy.jpg
DSC_6347 copy.jpg

Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous day for a photoshoot and we were able to get some pretty awesome shots for her modelling profile.

DSC_6421 copy.jpg

Since we had such a great time at this shoot, we're thinking about doing more for each season. Too bad this fall shoot isn't as colorful as we had hoped...In fact, this photo gives me springtime vibes:

DSC_6440 copy.jpg

Hope you like these photos and hopefully you'll see more of Milly in the future!

DSC_6494 copy.jpg
DSC_6475 copy.jpg
DSC_6495 copy.jpg
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