Engagement Session: First Snow!

When Atlanta-based bride-to-be Lauren first reached out to me to get her engagment photos taken in NYC, she told me she and her fiance, Chris, wanted a Christmassy feel to their photos. Little did we know then that we would be shooting in the first snow of the season!

DSC_9576 copy.jpg

This was my first time shooting an engagement session in the snow, so while I knew the photos would be beautiful, based on other pictures I had seen online in the past, I wasn't anticipating how the snow could also ruin lots of photos. I didn't htink about how blobs of snow would cover up half an eye, or streak to look like icicles were hanging out of their noses. Luckily, Chris and I had the same mindset when it came to this particular session: let's just shoot as many photos as we can and find the perfect ones later. I typically show my couples photos of their session as we go, but with the snow melting on my camera, it was just too hard for us to see what was on the screen.

DSC_9559 copy.jpg
DSC_9657 copy.jpg

I took more photos I normally would in a session and had to delete more than I normally would as well, thanks to the snow, but I'm genuinely really happy with how gorgeous these photos turned out.

DSC_9612 copy.jpg
DSC_9644 copy.jpg
DSC_9689 copy.jpg

While I generally recommend shooting in the morning to avoid having too many people in the photos, we had to push our session back so we could get better snow pictures. There were lots of people in the park due to the first snow, which made it hard to avoid people, but we managed to get some beautiful walking pictures between the groups of people walking past on this path from Bethesda Fountain to the Bow Bridge.

DSC_9709 copy.jpg
DSC_9724 copy.jpg

As you can tell from these photos, Lauren and Chris seemed like the happiest couple. They started off the session saying that they were incredibly awkward, then proceeded to laugh their way through the shoot, which I found incredibly endearing. They seemed to have so much fun together despite being cold and wet.

DSC_9782 copy.jpg

We stopped by the Cop Cot on the way out of the park for a couple shots inside the wooded structure before heading to Starbucks to grab coffee and warm up after spending about two hours out in the snow. Congrats again to Lauren and Chris on your engagement, and best wishes for the future!

DSC_9819 copy.jpg