Engagement Session: From India to NYC

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph Meenakshi and Sarthak, a beautiful couple from India. This was Meenakshi's first time in the US, whereas Sarthak has been working here for a while. The two met years ago as coworkers, and they will be having a big Indian wedding early next year!

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Since Meenakshi and Sarthak will be getting married in India, they wanted to get their photos taken in some iconic spots in NYC. We decided to do an early shoot in Central Park to avoid having too many people in the backgrounds of the photos, then move over to Times Square afterwards. The beautiful couple was dressed to the nines. Sarthak wore a lovely navy suit and Meenakshi was dressed in a beautiful blue gown with matching heels.

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Look at that  beautiful  smile!!

Look at that beautiful smile!!

Once the terrace/fountain area got a little busier, we moved over to the Bow Bridge—another iconic Central Park spot—for a couple more shots.

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While I love posed photos and how beautiful they can be, candid moments are the best. There's a certain carefree feel to them, and especially with couples shoots, it's like the couple forgets—even for just a moment—that the camera is there. 

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Fun story: as you can see in all of their photos, Sarthak and Meenakshi have a pretty decent height difference. Meenakshi wanted a ring photo like the one in the middle, where her ring would be the focus of the photo, but the skyline in the background would still be visible. But because Sarthak is so much taller than she is, the first couple of shots we tried didn't turn out too great. Sarthak was just too tall and his head covered most of the buildings as well as Meenakshi's face, so I asked him to squat a little and get on her level. When he did, Meenakshi immediately burst out laughing and that's how we got the photo with her absolutely stunning smile.

We then moved over to Times Square for some city shots before the end of our session. Congratulations again, Sarthak and Meenakshi!!

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