Strawberry Season

As you all will soon come to realize, I spend a lot of time with my cousin, Aileen, and her family. I spend time with them almost every weekend and tag along on their adventures, which means I spend a lot of time photographing their son, Chace. He makes a cute subject, even though he hates posing for the camera.

This weekend was no different. Since it is now prime strawberry picking season, we drove out to Mattituck in Long Island to pick some fresh strawberries. For $6, we each got to pick a quart of fresh strawberries at Patty's Berries and Bunches.

While I was hunting for the most photogenic strawberries (being the ridiculous photographer than I am), Chace was busy looking for the biggest and weirdest-looking ones he could find..and occasionally stuffing entire strawberries into his mouth instead of just taking smaller bites.

As usual, I made him hand model for me.

He wouldn't look into the camera, so this was all I could do.

It didn't take us very long to fill our baskets, so we headed back to the front of the farm to get ice cream--only to find that the ice cream stand wasn't open, so we went to the Harbes Family Farm across the road. They were selling some of their other fruits and veggies at the Farm Stand along with grilled corn and amazingly creamy soft serve ice cream, which, they told us, is made with their own strawberries and no added sugar.

We then went into the Barnyard Adventure section of the Farm, where there are lots of animals (including goats in tree houses). You can also take a hay ride, race around on bikes, and all sorts of other activities, but our favorite was the "jumbo jumpers," which were essentially bounce houses without the walls. Chace absolutely loves bounce houses. Thing is, he doesn't really do much bouncing. He likes to run back and forth or in circles, then throw himself onto the bouncy floor. He goes crazy on them, but it makes for some pretty good candid shots.

Because it was such a big bounce pillow, adults were also allowed on it, so I went a little crazy as well...

Caught on Lance's phone

Caught on Lance's phone

Once we had had our fill of the bounce pillow, we moved on to the bike racers (but Lance seemed more interested in the stationary horse).

After that, we were pretty much ready to head out to go get a nice late lunch/early dinner for Father's Day weekend, so that was that!

10/10 recommend going out to Patty's and Harbes (definitely for the bounce pillows, if nothing else).

Emily Chan