MAGIC? Fundraiser Gala

I had the pleasure of shooting a fundraiser gala event earlier in the month for a show entitled MAGIC? The creatives behind the show want to take the production Off-Broadway, which, of course, requires a good amount of funding. Thus, they decided to host a fundraiser gala event and asked me to photograph it. 

The event was held in the evening, at a rooftop by the Whitney Museum and the Highline, which provided fantastic views. We were able to see both the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building from our location. Snacks were provided, and a bartender was mixing drinks throughout the night.


Chelsea, our lovely bartender

Chelsea, our lovely bartender

Because this play also features original music, composed by Kelly Catlin, a cellist and violinist were also present at the event to showcase some of the pieces.


Please check out some of the other photos below, and the full album can be located here.

Emily Chan