W Times Square Proposal

A couple weeks ago, Randall reached out to me because he wanted a photographer to take photos while he proposed to his girlfriend, Amber. They were staying in a suite at the W Times Square, the only hotel right in the heart of Times Square, with an amazing view of the lights all around them.

DSC_0960 copy.jpg

Because they had such a nice view from their window, Randall told me he wanted to propose inside of their suite--which posed a couple of issues, the biggest being that it would be weird if cameras and strangers just showed up to the room for seemingly no reason. After a bit of thought, Randall decided to tell Amber that we would be shooting some promotional materials for the hotel, which worked perfectly!

DSC_0916 copy.jpg

I told the couple that we would be starting with a couple shots by the window and that I wanted them to look out and admire the view just so I could get my settings dialed in. The room was much darker than expected, but we made it work. They then came closer to the cameras, and Randall asked if we were all set--our cue that he was going to begin his proposal speech.

DSC_0920 copy.jpg
DSC_0918 copy.jpg

He told her that they weren't, in fact, here for promotional shots for the hotel, but instead, was ready to be with her for the rest of their lives and asked her to marry him!!

DSC_0925 copy.jpg

With a stunning ring like this and a well thought out plan, how could she not say "YES!"?

DSC_0946 copy.jpg

Afterwards, we got a couple quick photos for them to share with friends and family, and we will hopefully be doing a full engagement session soon!

DSC_0977 copy.jpg