Jet Set: Paris!

 Ever since I started taking French in middle school, I've wanted to visit Paris. I loved the language and I loved the history there. Being a huge musical theatre geek, I knew I had to visit the Victor Hugo museum as well as the Opera Garnier, which inspired Gaston Leroux to write Phantom of the Opera. So of course, I was super excited to finally get to visit over spring break! 


Although I've been told that Paris typically starts warming up in March, it was pretty cold when I was there. It snowed the first two days I was there and was chilly the rest of the time. You can actually see snow on the bushes in the photos above.


Despite the cold, lots of people were out and about, and I also saw many couples out taking engagement/wedding photos around the city. I mean...what better place than to take romantic photos than the "City of Love," right?

Although I loved traveling solo, I knew it would be hard to get good photos of myself that weren't selfies. Most people don't know how to operate a DSLR, and even if they do, not everyone composes shots nicely, so I knew I wanted to shoot with a pro. Not only would I get nice photos, but I'd have the opportunity to chat with a fellow photographer. Win-win!


I booked my session with Alex of @_parispics_ on Instagram and had a blast shooting at Place du Trocadéro and the Louvre in the morning. If you or anyone you know wants to do a Paris photo session, I'd highly recommend him! He's super cool and speaks English as well, so language won't be an issue!

My time spent in Paris was filled with awesome sights and amazing food. Not sure what else I can say, so I'll just drop some photos below (click to view full size)!