Museum Exhibition Catalog

For my publication class, we were assigned to create exhibition catalogs for an artist of our choice, in a space that could make sense for the exhibition. I chose Julia Ibbini, an artist based in Abu Dhabi who creates the coolest and most intricate laser cut artworks. My hypothetical exhibition would take place at the Beaux Arts Court at the Brooklyn Museum. I chose this location for it’s geometric tiles and arches to frame the pieces.

Because Julia’s works revolve around laser cutting, I wanted to incorporate that into the catalog as well. I was able to do this by laser cutting an arabesque pattern onto the front of the catalog’s removable jacket. I chose to bind the catalog using a sewing machine because her works are a juxtaposition of ancient, traditional patterns with a the modern technology of laser cutting, and sewing is, similarly, an ancient tradition but modernized with the sewing machine.